Monday Non Existing Status Labels / create_labels_if_missing: true


I’d like to create non-existing labels in status column of Monday.

Monday lets you do that when you add a field called create_labels_if_missing: true in the query.

In the Monday docs it shows like this:

And I’m trying to apply this field -->> create_labels_if_missing: true

in my Monday update column node, how can I apply this tag?


  "numbers28": 11,
  "name": "name test",
  "probenbezeichnung": "probenbezeichnung test",
  "date7": {
    "date": "2023-08-15",
    "includeTime": false
  "kommentare": "kommentare test",
  "check": {
    "checked": "true"
  "text2": "text2 test",
  "status3": {"label":"LKW"}

It how it is done on :

I created this query to send in http request like this:


as told in the document:

    "query": "mutation {change_multiple_column_values(item_id: 11111,board_id: 22222,column_values: \"{\\\"status92\\\": { \\\"label\\\": \\\"status92\\\" },\\\"status87\\\": { \\\"label\\\": \\\"status87\\\" },\\\"status51\\\": { \\\"label\\\": \\\"status51\\\" },\\\"status30\\\": { \\\"label\\\": \\\"status30\\\" },\\\"status9\\\":  { \\\"label\\\": \\\"status9\\\" },\\\"status8\\\":  { \\\"label\\\": \\\"status8\\\" },\\\"status7\\\":  { \\\"label\\\": \\\"status7\\\" },\\\"status5\\\":  { \\\"label\\\": \\\"status5\\\" },\\\"status4\\\":  { \\\"label\\\": \\\"status4\\\" },\\\"status3\\\":  { \\\"label\\\": \\\"status3\\\" },\\\"status2\\\":  { \\\"label\\\": \\\"status2\\\" },\\\"status1\\\":  { \\\"label\\\": \\\"status1\\\" }}\", create_labels_if_missing: true) {id}}"

Maybe it would help someone

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Sweet, great to see you’ve figured it out already @onurbolaca, thanks so much for sharing!

@MutedJam ,

But it needs to be added to the node as option I think. What do you think?

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