MongoDb connections dont close

When the n8n mongodb node runs, it creates a lot of connections to the DB, and seems like it’s not closing the connections after it’s done with the task.

My n8n setup runs every 5 minutes and queries from the mongodb node.

Hey @reev_ranj,

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Which version of n8n are you running?

The version is 1.8.2

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Any updates on this?

Hey @reev_ranj,

Not yet, The weekend got in the way and a couple of other issue I had to get to. I don’t think we have changed anything in the node recently though so this will likely still be an issue that we need to resolve.

ok Sure, @Jon .
Thanks for the update.

Please update here when this issue has been examined.

Temporarily we have increased the connection capacity of our MongoDB cluster as a workaround.

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