Move JSON to Binary adding \r \n \t and \"


I’m trying to save html content to a file. But when i’m using move JSON to Binary node, it’s adding \r \n \t and " in the content of the binary file. I’ve tried to add a function node to replace them but the move node’s still adding these character.

Thank you,

Hey @skalg,

When you do the move it will escape any special characters to avoid issues and will show characters that you can’t always see. \r\n is a new like and \t is a tab a lot of the time to preserve formatting you wouldn’t want to remove these characters.

With what you have in the screenshot to sort this one out it should just be a case of adding the “Use Raw Data” option and enabling it.

Again, you’ve done it. Thank you again for your great support ! Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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