Multiline invoice from Google Sheets to Xero

Hi everyone

I’m new to n8n!

I’ve got a google sheets with multilines. I need to send the data to Xero to create a sales invoice. The problem is that only one line will get sent to Xero. Invoices can be 5 lines, 1 lines, 10 lines. It all varies.

In Zapier this is dealt with by using a Line Itemizer which creates an array and in the Xero configuration you add the array values instead of the actual values from the Google Sheet.

My knowledge in this area is limited and I am not a coder so would appreciate a simple step by step walk through please.


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Hey @vasim!

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Currently, it is not possible via the node. However, you can use the HTTP Request node to make calls to the Xero API and create the invoice.

Maybe @RicardoE105, might have another solution for this :slight_smile:

Hi @harshil1712 thanks for your reply. I’m not a programmer so please excuse my lack of knowledge.
You’re suggesting > Get data from Google Sheets > use the Xero API to send the data via http request?

The actual end solution will be to get a Webhook from our e-commerce site with the different line items in JSON format and then send to Xero. I’m actually using Google Sheets as an experiment as the key objective with n8n is to get multiline working. If you have any insight in to doing this via webhook which ‘solves’ the problem that would be great.

Can you share the output of the google sheets node you are using? Can they only be 5, 1, and 10 lines? Or could they be different?

Hey @vasim!

Did you figure it out? Let us know if you still need help :slight_smile:

Hey guys, I’m trying to achieve the same thing. Has anyone managed to create a workflow that can successfully create multi-line Xero invoices from an array?