Multiple cron / intervals in single stream

I am looking to run multiple cron jobs within the same stream. One at 7am and another every 10 mins…
Every morning I am running a cron at 7am to kick off a stream which posts an update of my http request to slack. I tried to then a run the same http request every 10 minutes and if it is different to what it was at 7am then post that update to slack, if not do nothing.

Is this possible to do so?

Welcome to the community @WayneP!

Yes that is possible. But would require some programming in a Function-Node. Something similar to what got described here:

So you could simply check the time, if it is 7 am you save a hash of the data into the static data. If it is not 7 am you would compare the hash of the current data with the hash of the earlier one in the static data. If it is not different you simply return an empty array (so it would not go on and so not post to Slack). If it is different you return the data which would run the Slack node and so post it.

Hope that is helpful!

Hi Jan! Thanks for your idea, I instead ran with a command checking the time every 1 minute then splitting the stream based on IF 7am true/false, which has fixed my issue.

But how do you check then if the data changed or not?
And why do you run it every minute? I thought it would be 10 minute intervals?

I didnt mention in my first post but i am running an md5 against the first instance and then comparing later when the streams merge and i use an IF to compare the other hash.

Ah OK perfect, it makes sense now. Then have fun!