Multiple Executions in parallel : Flow Understanding

We are running our n8n in the queue mode and executing thousands of executions, We have seen some observations regarding the same:

  1. If the wait node having time greater than 65 seconds then it stop the execution and then waitTimer picks the execution.
  2. Some execution is waiting for the webhook, and some executions are picked up by the worker in parallel from the queue

So the question is how all the executions are happening, are they overlapping? is there any priority

Yes, multiple executions can overlap as per the documentation:

Each worker is its own Node.js instance, running in main mode, but able to handle multiple simultaneous workflow executions due to their high IOPS (input-output operations per second).

Let say we have one worker only, The worker is picking up all the jobs /execution and some executions are already in waiting state and some are waiting for the webhook, so for that same worker how the things happening, are they running in parallel because I have gone through the code and I haven’t found any linkage in all these flows so did I misunderstood or how is it working

  • One more question regarding the same, this wait tracker functionality as we have in the code to execute waiting execution in every 60 seconds, so is this part of worker or the main instance