Multiple IMAP triggers

Hi I have the following workflow

These 2 imap triggers are for 2 different emails. However, only one of them only completes. The other one executes but always results in an error. If I run the workflow only one of them runs. Is there any explanation behind this logic?

Not sure I understand. Each workflow can only be started by one trigger. You can have as many triggers as you want in a workflow but still would each time time any of them triggers, start a new execution. So it is impossible that you will see an execution where you receive data from both IMAP Trigger nodes.

Looking at the workflow can I currently also not think of a reason why you would need data from both at the same time.

Can you provide some more information about the error you see on the other trigger?

Is there a way to select the currently active trigger? This can be useful to test different emails for example if you have logic that tests ‘if email.from is something’ that can be useful without changing the workflow entirely but rather adding a new node for another email.

As for the error: I just came back home and tried to reproduce it but I couldn’t. The error was happening in this way: 1-st imap trigger works for 3 secs & succeeds, 2-nd trigger works for 1 min and fails in an error. I’ll try to reproduce this asap.

The easiest way to test one or the other is to deactivate the node you do not want to Trigger. It will then only activate that other node. The easiest way to disable a node is to select it and then press “d”.

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