Multiple Inputs Required?

Hey, I have 2 email verification actions being performed, going into their own IF blocks and then from there into a final Lemlist action.

The issue I am running into is that if either of the IF blocks do NOT produce a True output then the Lemlist action will not execute.

So if one input into Lemlist is green and the other grey, then Lemlist will not execute. It also gives this message:
“No HTTP Request data found:
We didn’t find any data in HTTP Request to simulate an event. Please create one in HTTP Request and try again.”

If they are both inputs are green then Lemlist will execute as it should.

Ive tried this with in a couple other senarios and it has the same result.
Do I have it set up wrong or is there an additional step I need to put before Lemlist in order for Lemlist to execute with only 1 green input?


Hey @Stiehla,

What version are you running? It might be worth going from the true branches into a No Op node and from that into Lemlist to see if that results in a different message.

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