Multiplus owners in one instance n8n

Hello guys! We apply user management and we have a question and need. Is it possible to have more than one owner on the instance?

Hi @viniciusingracio, I am afraid this isn’t possible right now but I know our product and engineering teams are working hard on improving the user management functionality. Perhaps @sirdavidoff can share some more details on this?

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Hi, sorry for the delay, I was away. Okay, we are waiting for updates. Thanks.

By the way, do we have any documentation on reversing the usage of user management?

There is no documented/supported way for this at the moment I am afraid.

One method I have tried here together with @Benjamin_Exner to actually disable user management (and handle authentication solely in the reverse proxy) was:

  1. Exporting all workflows and credentials via the CLI (described here)
  2. Switch to a fresh database (if using the default SQLite database that can be achieved by moving or deleting the old database.sqlite file, a new one will then be created on the next n8n start)
  3. Set the N8N_USER_MANAGEMENT_DISABLED environment variable to true
  4. Start n8n and import the workflows and credentials exported in step 1

This approach will not preserve tags or execution logs though. With these being merely a workaround I’d strongly suggest backing up your data beforehand.

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OK. We are waiting to create more than one instance owner. Thanks.

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I had this issue but I changed the role of a user in the database to change a second user as owner and it’s working. :smile:
Ps: in the table user, I’ve set the globalRoleId at 1

@MutedJam, I have some questions:
It can be an issue to have 2 (or more) owners ?
If yes, can I let the second user as owner (I change the globalRoleId to 2 for the first user)?
Or, it’s better if I clean the database and reinstall n8n (I’ve just installed n8n today and I can do it again)?

Ps: We can deal with one owner but it has to be a service account with a non-personal email.

Hey @sGendrot

Love the hacking you did there.
Good to know we can do this, Hope @MutedJam can warn us for any possible issues, if there are any.