"MUST USE" community nodes of the n8n community?

Hey everyone!

Can everyone please share about your “MUST USE” community nodes?

I think it would be niceto know for developers and users of community.

Here is a list of all community nodes:


A really awesome one I use is the Form Trigger lovingly built by our very own @Jon .

It’s much like the Webhook trigger but allows you to build out a form inside the node. It then furnishes a trigger URL (like the webhook URL). That URL serves the webform you created and triggers the WF when it’s submitted. Practically cut out the need for a 3rd party form tool for any of my internal WF usecases.


I have a few I use :slight_smile:

Debug Helper
This is a node we created internally for E2E testing, I use it if I need to quickly generate a few hundred items that look like users for testing. It could of course be better if we had more data types that can be returned but worth playing with. You can also use it to trigger certain error types to see how your workflow or environment will handle it.

Document Generator
This is a node that has replaced a lot of code nodes for me, If you have a lot of input items and you want to build out a message to send as an email or to something like Slack this can be used to quickly output one message using all of the items. I use this for RSS feeds so rather than having say 10 different messages I can just have one larger one.

So in Slack this looks like this…

RSS Feed trigger
This one is a node I made to get new RSS items but annoyingly there is an odd issue with it when some RSS feeds are used that I have not got to the bottom of yet but for the feeds I use it works great, It basically replaces the need for 3 or 4 nodes.


Document Generator and Form Builder are awesome! Now I’m wondering what other community nodes I’m missing out on…


Myself doesn’t use any of them yet. It is nice to hear good examples from the community!

@BramKn @pemontto @mcnaveen are there any Community Nodes that you see as “must use”?


I use a lot of my own nodes and the document generator and form trigger that were already mentioned.
Seemed wrong to plug my own nodes here. :sweat_smile:

I mostly use the following:

  • iterator
  • splitinbatches advanced
  • applymap
  • renamekeys advanced
  • run nodes with credentials x

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