My execution stops and disappears from "Workflow Executions" after a time


I’m new to nodemation and recently i created a workflow for web scraping.
I have 37000 pages to scrap and i don’t know why but after some hours, my workflow stop working without errors or success status.

It’s like if i never had an execution of my workflow (see capture).

So every 1000/1500 pages i need to relaunch my workflow until it stops again.

Any idea about this problem ?

Thank you.


I finally discovered what was the problem. I didn’t leave my worflow and after a time the website i try to scrap block my ip and return a 403 error with the http request node.

Is it normal that my execution disappear from “workflow execution” ?

And by the way i had an error handling worflow which didn’t trigger neither.

For information, i launched my scraping workflow by clicking “executing workflow” (no trigger here > Mode: manual).

Thank you for your help.