My Webhook will not trigger

I have a webhook trigger in my flow. I am simply trying to get it to work at this point (it works in Postman).

Here is my node:

I am working with Glide Low Code. It has a very simple interface and has an action called “Trigger Webhook”.

I have set it up so that when a button is pressed, my webhook triggers. All that Glide needs is a webhook URL to work which I have input. Here is an image of my Trigger Webhook action:


I have copied the test URL exactly from into Glide.

Glide’s support told me it is receiving 404 errors and to double check the URL, but it works in Postman so I know that is not the case.

I would really appreciate any help, I am at a loss so far.

Hey @DBurkAutomized,

As a test could you change the HTTP Method for your webhook in n8n to POST and see if that works? I suspect Glide is making a post request rather than a GET and that is why it is failing.

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