MySQL operator Missing

The MySQL node in N8N lacks the IS NOT NULL operator, while it does have the IS NULL operator. This inconsistency hinders certain queries where the IS NOT NULL condition is necessary.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Add a MySQL node to the workflow.
  2. Attempt to create a query using the IS NOT NULL condition.
  3. Observe that the IS NOT NULL operator is not available in the node.

Expected Behavior: The MySQL node should include the IS NOT NULL operator to provide users with a complete set of comparison operators.

Actual Behavior: The IS NOT NULL operator is missing in the MySQL node, limiting the ability to perform certain queries. Currently, a workaround is to use the “Not equal” operator and leave the “Value” field empty to achieve the IS NOT NULL operation.

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Suggested Solution: Consider implementing the IS NOT NULL operator in the MySQL node to maintain consistency and provide users with a comprehensive set of operators for query construction.