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A user requests something, the request needs the approval of 3 person of a pool of 5 people.

I tried to do it with multiple wait nodes in parallel executions and url suffixes to make it unique.

However only one wait node a time is started, until all wait nodes are fulfilled before it continues.

Can you please describe how i can implement such a use case ?

Hey @Martin_Forster,

First thing I thought of was put the wait in a loop and check the runIndex to see if it is 2 or more (over 3 starts at 0). This would give you something like the below, The only think it would probably need is a check to make sure the URL approval is a legit response so you would need to work out how to do that maybe a simple check in a database? But hopefully this will spark some ideas.

Hi Jon,
thx yes we were able to discover a workaround.
Unfortunately it is quite dificult to find a way to implement a working counter.
But based on runindex +1 in a set node we were able to implement a counter. Which really feels hacky, but is workable. However with the overall goal to be as easy as possible this feels lacking in features.

I would really like to see some sort of variables with scope at execution level to store data.
Woud be great to hold counters, access tokens, errors, …

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