N8n acts as sftp proxy?


A partner need to send me daily files that I would like to store on a GCP bucket.
Unfortunately, this partner does not accept to send directly to GCP bucket and asks me to provide a SFTP server.

I’m wondering if there is a way to build a n8n workflow that acts as a SFTP proxy, receive the file (through a webhook ?) and transfer it to a GCP bucket ? (i’m using n8n cloud)

nb -the file will be around 500Mb

Thank you for your ideas on this one

Yes, that would be possible. GCP apparently offers an S3-compatible API, so the S3 node should be able to be used for it. Sadly does that node currently not support streaming, so the file size could be a problem.
What already supports streaming is for example the Google Drive node. So if as a target also Google Drive would be OK, it should be no problem.

Thank you Jan for your answer,

I’m not sure how to use the S3 node in this case. My point is to avoid opening an AWS account as I work on GCP and don’t want to maintian 2 IaaS. So I want to simulate a S3 bucket or a SFTP server, to get the file, without having to open and maintain a real S3 bucket or deploying a SFTP server

I was trying to achieve something like this (I replace GCP bucket by Google Drive as proposed to use streaming).
How does the S3 node intervene in the workflow if I do not have an AWS account ? Can I use it to simulate a fake bucket and get the file ?

Thank you for your support

Hey @Yoann,

n8n can’t act as an SFTP server we don’t have that as an option, Instead you would need to run your own SFTP server (OpenSSH supports this out of the box) and use a local file trigger in n8n to pick up the file then move it as needed.

You might be able to use a series of Webhook nodes to emulate the S3 protocol if you know how it all hangs together.

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