N8N api key owner account

Hi all,

Is it possible to make api calls with the account owner ? We just change the authentification method to use user management instead of basic auth authentication but since I cannot make n8n api calls.

Thanks for your helps

Hey @Kent1,

Have you been using the n8n node with the api key from the settings or have you been using the older internal api?

Hi @Jon,

I tried both but it didn’t work with the owner account.

Is the api is http://n8_url:n8n_port/api/v1 ? Or http://n8_url:n8n_port/rest ?

When I try with rest I have an error “unauthorized” and when I try with api/v1 I’ve got not found

Hey @Kent1,

Ignore the rest one that is internal, it will be the api/v1 address. I can’t think of why it wouldn’t be found though unless the url is wrong.

I remove the basic authentification and it’s working perfectly now :wink:

Thanks for your help

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