N8N as import framework? Consume 50 MRSS feeds, post to REST API

Goal: Consume 50 MRSS feeds, transform, post to REST API
Just a quick check with the community to find out if I’m looking in the right direction with N8N:

  • I need to import content from 50 different sources into a CMS (an online video platform)
  • Content source is mostly MRSS, target is a REST API, sources are added and removed on a weekly basis
  • Frequency is hourly, so checks for updates every 60 minutes
  • Authentication needed depending on source
  • Transformation and target API requests are rather simple, but vary between content sources

Is it a good idea to use N8N for this (lowcode, nocode bc of frequent changes) or is it an overkill?

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There are a few templates already in the templates screen that collect RSS feeds, merge then and sure you can do anything with them after

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