After the update from 0.186.0 to 0.200.1, we notice the n8n API used in some workflows stopped working. After a little investigation, we noticed that the basic auth was preventing us from using the API. If we add api to N8N_AUTH_EXCLUDE_ENDPOINTS, it works again.
Would you please confirm it has changed recently and this is the expected behavior?

Hi @fcecagno :wave:

I have faced some strange n8n behavior when installing the latest git version which was not listed into Release notes - n8n Documentation
So I’ll recommand you to revert back to 0.200.0 until the 0.200.1 is officially released and in the release note page.

Hi @Romuald_BARON , thanks for your response.

0.200.1 is actually already officially released, see: n8n/CHANGELOG.md at master · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

I don’t know if it can be considered a breaking change or not, but I believe that if it’s the expected behavior, it’s worth mention it in the documentation of the API. However, it isn’t clear to me if it’s the expected behavior, since in order to use the API you’d need to use the n8n API key AND the basic auth at the same time, which looks odd to me.