N8N benchmarking not working

Hi! I built my docker image N8N. After all of tuning and connecting the REDIS, the question arose, was it worth it? It seemed to me, the N8N began to work more slowly.
Execute Command:
df -k / | tail -1 | awk '{print $5}'
takes about 7 seconds. Then I installed the original docker image, and the time there is about the same.

On the official documentation N8N I found the tool n8n-benchmarking.
So my steps are:

  1. Download and install GoLang and GOBIN
  2. Install vegeta
  3. next cloning n8n-benchmarking.
    I’ll copy all things like in bash script: /home/ubuntu/vegeta
    In this directory contains the Vegeta binary file (duplicated) and the tests themselves (.sh files)
[email protected]:/home/ubuntu/vegeta# ls
**results_to_csv.sh** **run_tests.sh** **run_tests_queue.sh** tests-main tests-own tests-queue **vegeta** **workers_health.sh** **workflows_health.sh**

When I try run script run_tests.sh I get an error.

[email protected]:/home/ubuntu/vegeta# bash run_tests.sh
Test run started.
Waiting for workers..
run_tests.sh: line 14: read: read error: 0: Is a directory
Results saved in './results/'

I ask for help in resolving this issue. The tool is in the official N8N repository, but there is no description on how to use it.

Hey @wedlex,

Are you following the readme to use terraform and AWS or are you trying to do your own thing using that as a base? We list Terraform and AWS as required so anything outside of that wouldn’t be directly supported.

Looking at the Terraform runners it will copy the test file currently being used to /home/ubuntu/vegeta/tests which could be what you are missing, If you check n8n-benchmarking/main.tf at master · n8n-io/n8n-benchmarking · GitHub it covers where the files go and the env options being set then the runner that starts the script is here: n8n-benchmarking/start_script.tftpl at master · n8n-io/n8n-benchmarking · GitHub

May also be worth noting that it doesn’t just run run_test.sh it has some args as well.

Thanks, I thought Vegeta works without AWS. If it’s not a secret why you need to use AWS, why not use it as a standalone?

Hey @wedlex,

It does work without AWS and Terraform but that repo was created specifically for those 2 things which is why they are listed in the readme as required.

At some point I will take a proper look over over the repo and see if I can make a more useful standalone version, This was the first time I have actually seen it.

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