N8n desktop typeform trigger credential issue

Now I’m using type form trigger which is provided by n8n.
And I use n8n desktop version.
I tried to connect n8n and typeform. There is two problem.

  1. I cannot use OAuth2. The symtom is that when I click connect my account in the n8n desktop, then the browser pops up now window and I clicked the accept buttonm it returned 404 page.

  2. So I decide to use access token, then typeform trigger node cannot catch any data. Even I submit forms in just 30second(not even in 2 minutes.)

I want to know what is the cause and I want to fix and use it.
If you know about anything like this symtoms, please let me know.

Thanks for reading.

This would suggest your n8n instance can’t receive any external data. Does the URL you are seeing the 404 on have the format {adjective}-{noun}-{number}.hooks.n8n.cloud by any chance?

If so, the tunnel opened by n8n to receive data from external services might have previously been interrupted. You might want to try the approach suggested by @ivov in this thread to request a new (and working) subdomain:

Well, @MutedJam
Yes, It seems exactly same symtom.

And I read it twice. But I cannot understand what actions that I have to do specifically. :frowning:

Would you mind,if you’re not irritated, giving instructions me to solve this?

I have this url

I’m really sorry to you that I don’t have any sense of this problem.
Thank you for your help.

This URL looked good to me, so I am not entirely sure what the problem would be at this stage unfortunately :frowning:

If the n8n desktop application hasn’t simply crashed, I wonder if any firewall, proxy, etc. in your network might have managed to block incoming requests here. Do other requests sent to your n8n desktop instance work for you?

E.g. if you create a workflow with only a webhook node and execute the workflow, would you be able to open the webhook URL in your browser (or would it return the same 404 you are getting when authenticating with Typeform)?

Oh, @MutedJam
I have an idea about it. I heard that the place my office located in has a firewall in the network.
Maybe that is the problem, I think.
But it is odd that I proceeded google sheet node’s OAth2 credential in this place and It has no problem.
(It is shame that I don’t know difference google api between webhook, :sweat_smile:)

I will try other network and if still have problem, I will reply you.

Thank you for your dedicated help, @MutedJam

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Well, it’s not working yet, so this was just a thought so far :wink:

Mostly based on the fact that the Typeform OAuth2 dance was working fine for me when testing this in my desktop app (I assume you are using the latest version from the n8n.io website here) and I ended up here:

I assume you have also double-checked the redirect URL in your Typeform’s developer apps section matches the one shown by n8n?

Well, I tried other network and I finally did it by access token. But I still cannot do it by OAth2.
It’s okay to me that one of two way is working.
Thank you for your help.
Have a great day!!

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