N8n docs site is marked as Phishing in CloudFlare

Hi, I can’t access docs.n8n.io
Upon closer inspection, I saw on my DNS server that it blocked the request because CloudFlare (my Upstream DNS server) recognizes this site as phishing.

This is the reson Phishing URL Blocklist (PhishTank and OpenPhish)

Edit: Just to clarify - I use CloudFlare’s DNS to filter virus and phishing sites.

Hey @shlomi,

That is interesting thanks for reporting it, I am not sure why Cloudflare would be blocking Netlify but it sounds like we should probably make them aware of it.

Thanks for reporting this. I’ve started a conversation on Netlify support forums: Site marked as phishing in Cloudflare - Support - Netlify Support Forums

Hi. update here.

I just tried to access docs.n8n.io and It works fine.
Checking DNS it seems that the block has disappeared… :man_shrugging:


After a deeper inspection - checked if the domain netlify.app (which is actually the main domain for CNAME docs.n8n.io) does appear in any blacklists.

I don’t know if it should be addressed…(if its even possible) I will leave the decision to you… Thank you for the time and an amazing product :slight_smile:

Same with sucuri Website Security Checker | Malware Scan | Sucuri SiteCheck

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Thanks for these checks - really appreciate you looking into this more. It’s still a little mysterious, as while sites will definitely blocklist *.netlify.app (as there are indeed many spam/malware sites using Netlify’s free domains), it looks like specifically n8n-docs.netlify.app is ok:

I’ve just checked our setup, and confirmed we’re following Netlify’s recommendations: How to Set Up Netlify DNS - Custom Domains, CNAME, & Records Basically, Netlify recommend routing things through the n8n-docs.netlify.app domain, to get the maximum benefits (speed) from their hosting. So we have a CNAME record for docs.n8n.io, pointing to n8n-docs.netlify.app. Within Netlify, docs.n8n.io is set as our primary domain.

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