N8n doesn't sync my deal stage in HubSpot


I’m having trouble to create a deal in HubSpot with N8n Hubspot Node.

I have 3 different pipelines in Hubspot and N8n only returns the stages of one of them, and there’s no way I can get another the stage.

Also, N8n doesn’t support the HubSpot ID of the stage - wether it’s an expression or the id only

Hi @TheTims, welcome to the community!

I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

Can you confirm which value you were trying to set in the Deal Stage field and which version of n8n you’re running? I just gave the below workflow a go on [email protected] and it ran as expected using a manually specified stage ID:

This is the response coming from Hubspot:

In Hubspot, this deal would also show up with the Pipeline-specific stage:

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