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Hi all,

Sorry I deleted my topic by error

I have a notion data base, with 2 columns : intervention name / ht price
Exemple :

"property_intervention" :"intervention_1"
"property_intervention" :"intervention_2"

On the other side, I have my billing tool.
I would like to create an invoice with each line of my Notion data base.

This is my workflow :

My first issue : When I click on “Execute Workflow”, all stop at the first step :

I can continue to play after thanks to play button on each element.

My second issue :
I success to create a new invoice, but there is not the content from the “Set” in my final invoice :

The final invoice in Dolibarr :

Could you help me please

Hi @tzana, welcome to the community! I am sorry you’re having trouble, let’s take a look at what’s happening here.

Is there a chance on of the nodes in your workflow is not returning any results? A workflow execution would stop in this case. You can override the behaviour in the node options under “Always Output Data”:


This could be because you are connecting two separate branches to your HTTP Request node. So n8n might try to read the intervention field from the top branch rather than the one from your Set node in the lower branch.

To avoid this you might want to build a sequential workflow with a single branch instead of having parallel branches, like so:

Login to Dolibarr → Notion → Set → HTTP Request node

In your HTTP Request node you can still read data from your initial “Login to Dolibarr” node as needed using a suitable expression.

Hope this helps getting started! Let me know if you run into any trouble with this :slight_smile:


Hi MutedJam,

Thank you a lot
You explanation is very clear and everything is working !


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