N8n Environments using AWS CodeCommit Git


Is AWS’ CodeCommit git service supported as a git repo for n8n environments?

It looks like n8n’s git config requires username “git”, but CodeCommit requires the username to be the auto-generated ID of the SSH key.

So I can’t tell if there’s a way to make them work together.


Hey @jzrts,

It looks like we don’t have an option to change the username that I can see but I will get this raised internally as it makes sense to have differnet username options available.

Edit: Just took a quick look again, When you are asked to enter the Git Repo URL the pattern there is user@host and you get the public key in the UI is there not a way to make htat work or are you after a specific part of the key?

The CodeCommit documentation step 3 substeps 7-9 at Setup steps for SSH connections to AWS CodeCommit repositories on Windows - AWS CodeCommit looks like it requires the SSH url to be something like:

[email protected]/v1/repos/MyDemoRepo

At the end of that doc, step 4 substep 4 shows you can use a SSH URL without a username but I believe that’d only work if you previously put the username in to a config file like it shows earlier in the doc. Or the very final example shows the key ID as the username:

git clone ssh://[email protected]/v1/repos/MyDemoRepo my-demo-repo

Hey @jzrts,

I just gave it a quick go and in theory I think it could work but I found that the way we determine if a git url is correct has an issue which is preventing this from working. I have created an internal bug ticket for this.

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Thanks, that’ll be helpful because we have CodeCommit readily available to start syncing between n8n environments.


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