N8N Expose Oauth2 endpoints


This may seem like a dumb question, but I was wondering if it’s possible to expose N8N’s Oauth2 endpoints so that I can use them in my own back-end. I saw inside the N8N source code only endpoints inside the v1 folder are exposed as public. Is my only solution either to change the source code or handling Oauh2 in my back-end without using these N8N endpoints.

The endpoints I’m talking about are these ones:




Hey @psadam200,

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This one has come up a couple of times and the quick version is there is no easy way to do this as n8n isn’t designed to work that way at the moment.

You can create the credentials outside of n8n and use the api to add them to n8n but before going too far down this route I would recommend checking if what you are doing needs a special license for n8n as normally this kind of thing would suggest n8n is being used for more than just internal business processes.

Thank you sir! Can you point me to the other threads/solutions then? I don’t indent to use N8N more than an internal business process, but it’s good to know if this solution exists if ever I want to expand to a client facing solution which of course I will get the required license for. Thank you again!

Hey @psadam200,

I don’t think there are any public solutions for this is just something that has come up a few times, I know some folk have used tools like nango and the n8n api to achieve this but there isn’t a documented process for it.

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