N8n form trigger node, respond to Webhook

Hello there,
My question is how can I use new n8n form trigger with respond to Webhook node.

Hey @Ruslan_Yanyshyn,

At the moment you can’t do this but it may be something we add in the future, I think the next changes will be to add the form option to the wait node then maybe after that we can look at response options.


Thank you. It would be very useful feature. Another thing I would like to have in response is call to other form trigger.

Hi @Ruslan_Yanyshyn
I’m Giulio, Product Designer at n8n, nice to e-meet you :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback on the n8n form trigger node.
I have a question:

  • how do you imagine the integration with the Respond to Webhook node? what is the use case you need it for?

Thanks in advance for your answer
All the best

Hi giulioandreini,

I think it should be similar to Respond to Webhook Node. So it would respond to

Form Trigger node.

Or even better if Respond to Webhook Node would be able to respond to Form Trigger Node as well.


Thanks for the feedback @Ruslan_Yanyshyn
The integration with the Respond to Webhook node will come out soon,
I’ll let you know once it is released


Hi @Ruslan_Yanyshyn
a quick note to let you know that the integration of the n8n Form Node and the Respond To Webhook Node was released in version 1.21

All the best


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