N8n Freelance: Need help scaling

Hey there,

I need help scaling my n8n application. I want to hire a nb8n expert in freelance for this.

  • Kubernetes Configuration: I need help configuring my n8n Kubernetes cluster to scale properly. Currently i’m maxing out the CPUs consistently, and crashing the instance. I don’t really understand the details of what is going on and why the autoscaling is failing.

  • App Optimisation consulting: There is probably something I am doing wrong on an app level to be getting such scaling problems even before the product is even deployed. I need to understand the root of the problem, and devise a solution.

I’m considering starting with a $600-1000 budget on this, depending on how much time is required to fix those problems.

Please nDM and join a Resume and price proposition if you are interested.

Many thanks :pray:

Hello Lesterpaintstheworld! :blush: I’m Manassés Soares, a Python automation, AI, and NoCode/LowCode specialist with experience in n8n and Kubernetes. It seems like you’re facing some challenges with the scalability of your n8n application and the configuration of your Kubernetes cluster.

I can help you understand the root of the problem and come up with a solution. Additionally, I can offer consultancy to optimize your application. I believe a fair budget for this project would be between $600 to $1000.

I am confident that I can deliver exactly what you need within this budget range!

Let’s make it happen! :muscle::rocket::sunglasses: