N8N HTML Form - under input data collect


I just start using n8n. I created an html page.

In that page, users are requested to add their phone number.
So inside my HTML code, I have :
input id=“phone” type=“text” onfocus=“this.value=‘’” name=“phone required”/

the thing is I would like to save user input and to make it avalaible for N8N.
Is there a way to perform it?

Thanks a lot.
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Hey @herrT15,

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You would need to have 2 webhooks in your workflow one as a GET to return your HTML and the second as a POST to submit the data based on the users input. You would need to build the submit logic into your form if you wanted to do more than display a “workflow has started” message.

You could try the form trigger community node as well which might do what you are after.

Thanks a lot for your quick repy!
I already have a GET and a POST working together. It is working fine.
But I have no idea how to collect the input data from the POST…
Do you have any clue? thanks again

Many thanks!!!

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