N8n Installation install sqllite

During Installation of N8n on Ubuntu, it installs SQLLITE, But when i run the command on terminal i cannot see the version sqlite3 --version

Please correct me if I am wrong, Basically, i want to know the version of the Database which was installed on ubuntu during n8n installation, How can i do this, I followed Server Setup | Docs this exactly same and N8n is running perfectly as well

Hey @chandan988,

n8n doesn’t install SQLite on the host which could be why you can’t see the version. I take it you get a command not found error?

So all the logs or id passwords are saved in ENV files only, so can we also create user

Logs and credentials for nodes are stored in a SQLite database that the container accesses. If you install SQLite onto the OS you could read the contents of the file but I wouldn’t recommending adding directly to it.