N8n Installation Script for Raspberry Pi (n8n-pi)

As promised, I have recently completed the first iteration (read “It probably has some bugs in it!”) of a complete n8n installation script for the Raspberry Pi on a clean installation of Raspbian Buster (February 2020 build).

With only a few small steps and a system reboot, you can have your own custom n8n RPi up and running!

I have written up some documentation (it is still a work in progress) on how to perform the install or, if you are a bit of a keener, you can simple boot your RPi from a fresh Raspbian installation, SSH into the system and enter:

wget --no-cache -O - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/TephlonDude/n8n-pi/master/scripts/build-n8n-pi-1.sh | bash

And follow the onscreen instructions. Here is a taste of the installation script:

This is just the first roll-out of the script and I have a lot of other plans in the works for this as well including:

  • Prebuilt RPi images
  • n8n RPi management tools
  • Custom RPi GPIO n8n nodes

Feel free to check out the documentation or the GitHub repository.

As usual, please let me know how this is working for you and if you have any suggestions.


Really cool thanks a lot @Tephlon for creating that! I am sure it will be very helpful for many people.

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Thanks @Tephlon I’ll try this on my RPi4

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Hey @tmleonidas,
Testing the RPi4 was on my to do list. left me know how it turns out!