N8n level 2 course results error

I passed the course quiz, yet received the message (in the results email) that i haven’t signed up for the course, even though i already went through all the workflows with the appropriate data!

Hey @shrey-42, I am really sorry to hear that. I actually tried the course myself once before it was announced on the forum and I didn’t get the error, so don’t really know what might have gone wrong here.

Maybe @lorena can help with this?

Similar issue for me, when I was doing the course I got 8 emails saying I’d passed the quiz before I’d completed it

After finishing the quiz I didn’t get any further emails as to whether I’d passed it or not

Hi @shrey-42, I checked your record in our database and it looks like you have indeed signed up for the course and passed the quiz (congrats!), but haven’t completed the milestone of sending Discord messages (part of Workflow 2). Sorry about the confusion in the email message.

Hi @mkay, this sounds weird, we’ll look into it. In the meantime, congrats – you do appear to have successfully completed the course and quiz.

Hello @lorena , I have passed the quiz and finished all workflows, but I still got the message said
" However, you haven’t completed all milestones necessary for getting the course badge in your forum profile.".
Also, I cannot see the channel named “course-level-2” in n8n’s Discord channel list.
Thanks in advance

Hi @lorena , i did send the Discord messages.

Hey @shrey-42,

What was your ID number? I can check the discord channel to make sure it went through.

Hey @Jon , it’s “recc21JFBv3Ft6IVT”.

Hi @shrey-42 , can you see channel #course-level-2 in the n8n’s Discord?

It is a private channel, not sure why though.

Hey @shrey-42,

There are no messages with that ID so it looks like that part didn’t work.

Hi @Jon , can you see my ID


record in level-2 course?

Tried again.

@shrey-42 @carry0987 nothing for either, I take it you are both using the url that goes out in the email?

Yes @jon , the discord url I used is


@Jon indeed.


Perfect, thanks.

Hello @MutedJam
I already finished the level 2 course. But I have not been able to send the notification to discord and I have not been able to join the channel with the link sent to my email since it redirects me to the level 1 course channel. Could you please help me. :slightly_smiling_face:


The level 2 channel is hidden, When you try to send to the URL do you see an error and what is your ID?