N8n Loop Stopped at Split-In-Batches node on 2nd loop

I have this node system where it paginates customer data.
When it goes to the 2nd page (getting its 6th to 10th) data, suddenly it stopped at the split-in-batches data.
There’s no error message.
I have made sure that the split-in-batches data is not executed once.

Screenshot below

I tried this simple splitinbatches workflow, it won’t go to the 2nd loop.

Hi @yousername

That is because the splitinbatches node has a boolean variable that tells it if it is done or not. The same you also use in the IF node.
This does not get reset the second time so it thinks it is done.
Only way to do this is, would be a subworkflow I think.

Hi @BramKn

Thanks for your respond.
subtworkflow? How is it done?

Hi @yousername

You can execute another workflow with the execute workflow node.

Hi @BramKn

I did this below, I can’t find the output of the sub-workflow.
Also when I open Executions tab, I don’t see it gets executed.

main workfow


Hi @yousername

Are you using 2 different versions?
The workflow Trigger node is something else. You can simply connect the start node to the set.

Ok I think I feel it now.

I got a response from the sub-workflow

But it’s difficult to parse/map json variables between the workflows.

Is it normal that the sub-workflow doesn’t show in the execution log?