N8n Microsoft Teams authentication error

Hi, I0m trying to configure n8n with Teams integration because I need this node to create a Teams message in my workflow, I’ve an issue creating the Microsoft Teams Credentials followinf the n8n video present to this link: Microsoft | Docs. After creating the n8n app in the Azure portal with the secret and inserting these details in n8n I can’t only for the 1st time the Microsoft page that ask to trust the application and after confirming I received an error about authentication. I’m using n8n in a docker deployment, have you any suggestion to undertand this issue? Thank

Hey there @backherozzo,

What is the error you are seeing?

I receive the following loading page error

Ah that looks like the domain has not been set, did you set the hostname environment variables?

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I only registered the Azure app for n8n putting the OAuth Redirect URL taken from n8n and this the URL that give me the error. Where I need to set the hostname enviroment variables? Thank

It should be in the compose file, so I suspect your problem is where it is redirecting you to local host and if you are running in docker it may not exist.

When you access n8n do you use localhost:5678

Hi, I access n8n with private ip I’ll check hostname in docker file

You could pop in the private ip instead of a hostname if that is what you are using.