N8n migrate from one AKS to another

We currently hosted n8n in AKS, since we are facing issues with current AKS, we are creating new AKS now, Is there any documentation to review to migrate the n8n from AKS to another without recreating the workflows and keeping the already ran workflows logs in new AKS?

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Shalini S

Hi @Shalini :wave:

While I don’t have any personal experience with AKS, nor do we have any documentation on AKS specific migration, this should be pretty similar to other migrations. You would need to copy the existing database and the .n8n data directory.

This post is a little bit older and while not AKS-specific, has a wonderful guide on how to migrate a database:


Thanks for the response, As we had the Kubernetes manifest files, Postgres to store the data, dumped the Postgres and restored in the new one. Installed the manifests in the new Kubernetes worked fine without moving .n8n directory.


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