N8n Newly hired Onboarding process

We are currently in the process of migrating our automation workflow from Okta to N8n, with our primary focus on implementing the Onboarding Process. Below, you will find our blueprint and plan:

Onboarding will be conducted for two distinct services:

HiBoB for Direct Hires:

  • Managed by HR for internal users.
  • Triggered via Bob.

Jira for Agency Hires:

  • Managed by Managers for external users.
  • Initiated through a ticket.

During this process, we will be collecting the following user details:

User Details:

  • ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Position
  • Manager
  • Onboarding Date
  • Onboarding Type (Internal or External)

Note: Additionally, the user details will be automatically added to the Jira Asset/Insight Database.

To determine where the user was created, we will employ an indicator:

  • If True = Internal: Create User in OKTA SSO.
  • If False = External: Create User in OKTA SSO.

All user details will be transmitted to OKTA SSO, where an account will be established, and users will be invited to access the following default applications:

  • Google Account
  • Slack Account
  • Jira Account
  • Jumpcloud Account
  • Okta Account
  • Pritunl VPN

For a comprehensive workflow guide, please review the attached file.

We deeply appreciate any assistance you can provide during this transition.

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Hi @Gab

Welcome to the community!

Seems like a good flow to put into n8n.

Not sure what you are expecting here though, are you maybe looking for an expert to guide you through the process or create the flow for you?

Then you might want to put this in the category “jobs” or send the n8n team a message to get into contact with an expert n8n experts

You can of course ask bits here on the community as well if you are having a go your self. But then we would need some specific questions so we can help.
If you are struggling, there are some courses on the n8n site that you can do to help you.


Hello @BramKn we just need guide thorough the process about some of the node that we can use in workflow.

Hi @Gab

Then I think the courses will be helpful and of course an expert will be able to guide you through it.
If you have specific questions, you can of course just ask them on the forum. :slight_smile:

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