N8n not receiving webhook on my Synology NAS install

I recently installed N8n via Docker on my Synology NAS, but my first attempt at receiving a webhook into it has not been received??

I don’t have any authentication on the webhook.

I have tried posting data from Postman, but Postman won’t send to the webhook i.e “Error: connect ECONNREFUSED…”

What am I missing?


(P.S I am coming from Integromat/Make and Pabbly, so prior to this I have created many scenarios and have a fair grasp on things)

Welcome to the community @Mmmk !

That sounds more like there is a problem with the setup and the request never makes it to n8n.

Hey @Mmmk,

ECONNREFUSED typically means the connection has been refused by the machine so it could be that the port is not correct or opened or the connection is being blocked by an allow list on a firewall or similar.

Thanks Job, that gives me something to work with. Appreciated. I will look into this aspect. Many thanks.

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