N8n npm n8n local files

hello, please tell me how to set up folders for files (as in docker-compose.yml) for n8n installed via npm, for example read binary file which path to choose?

If it is locally installed via npm, you can read and write to any folder you want. There is no special setup required.

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Please help me,which path in node ReadBinaryFile, need vn.pdf save in root/local-files/

Not sure I understand. But if you save the file vn.pdf into the folder /root/local-files/ then the file vn.pdf will be saved in the folder /root/local-files/.

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i want to read vn.pdf which is in /root/local-files/ path but node ReadBinaryFile can’t find it in this path… :frowning:

What is the error message? Because probably it is less about finding, more about having access. If you run n8n as root then it should have access, if you run it as a different user, then this user will probably not be allowed to access the folder /root and so accessing that file will so fail.

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I run it as root user, that’s just the point…

I’m sorry, the problem was really in access to the folder itself, thank you very much for your help !!!

Great to hear that you got it working. Have fun!

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