⎈ N8N on Kubernetes with Helm - There is now a Chart for that🎉

Hello all,

We create a Kubernetes Helm Chart for N8N.

Its failry complete, All n8n option are supported there might be a few minor tweaks needed in the chart but it is already running in production.

Upvote the git repo if you like the work. :star::star::star:


Thank you very much @Vad1mo for creating this and sharing with the community! Really cool!

Gosh! So damn cool! Thanks @Vad1mo … I barely have started reading on Kubernetes and I guess this work will be only reason to continue on that pursuit for while :smiley:

I you want to we can do some sort of webinar where I can go through a typical setup outlining the different options!

You could use that as a reference.


I’d love that!

Would love to learn more on the setup!