N8N + POE Integration

Hey guys!

I’d like to use Claude 2.1 instead of ChatGPT, but I haven’t got access to the Anthropic’s API yet. Theoretically, can I use poe.com as a mediator?

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Hey @bersus,

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It all depends on which nodes you are planning to use, If poe has an API you could use it with the http request node but you wouldn’t be able to use it with the Anthropic chat model node as there is no configuration option for the url.

Hey @Jon :raised_hands:t2:

Thanks for the response.

Technically, there is no any difference to me which node to use. The thing here is how to make it possible. At this moment, I’m not sure if it possible at all.

Hey @bersus,

Does poe have a rest api? If it does you are pretty much good to go.

@Jon I didn’t see. That’s why I created this topic. To ask if someone came up with an idea how to integrate Claude.

@bersus I guess looking at their docs would you be using POE to start your workflows or would you be interating with a POE bot from an n8n workflow?

I’d like Claude to operate user prompts in the middle of the existing workflow.

Hey @bersus,

I am not sure I understand where poe would fit into that, from what I can see it is a way of creating bots rather than an api to call Claude.

So I guess based on this you would want to call a poe bot from inside an n8n workflow then use the response from it. Without spending some time with poe it would be hard to confimr that though, How much experience do you have with poe?


Just for example. Workflow:

  1. Trigger: User uploads a .doc file to Google Docs.
  2. Action: Content of this file is being operated by Claude with user/system prompt “Summarize”.
  3. Outcome: The user gets a message via Slack with summary of this file.

POE is needed here only for Claude only because I can’t find any good third-party mediator to get an access to the Claude’s API. In other words, I just looking for a way how can I get an access to Claude.

The closest thing that I found is this, but maybe there are more convenient solutions.

Hey @bersus,

I don’t think that example uses POE, But I guess you could follow a similar process that is used there with the HTTP Request node but as it is an unofficial API and likely goes against the terms of service for using it I am not sure how much help we could actually provide.

It may be easier to wait until you get access to the API properly.

POE could be this “mediator”, but I can’t find any useful information how to connect to them.

I’m truly surprised that there is nobody came up with a solution for making Claude available (AFAIK Anthropic are very mingy with their API access).

Anyway, thanks for you help.

I’ve been looking into the same. I came across instructions here for how to get your POE api key, but haven’t done further research on how to build this into a workflow to call specific LLMs on POE.

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