N8n REST API Documentation

Does anybody happen to have some documentation on this undocumented feature?

See n8n Workflow Backup → Dropbox

BTW: I altered a copy of this workflow to fully automate backups of all my workflows.

Hey @dickhoning,

There are no docs for that api as it is our internal api but there is some good news…

We are working on a more public api at the moment, I am not sure on timescales but hopefully that will help.

@Jon great news! In the meantime I figured out the following:


[port#] can be either 5678 or 5679 when using Desktop App

For executions, there’s an option to limit the no off items returned via ?limit=[noOffItems]

For the time being, this undocumented internal API works fine for me. Now I’m automatically backing up my workflows and credentials to iCloud every day :sunglasses:

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If it helps what you can do is pop open your browser dev tools, do an action then check the network tab to see what is happening that will give you an idea of what you can get away with.

Hi @Jon can you please explain this a little further and/or send a screenshot? Thanks in advance!

Hey @dickhoning,

If I was in front of my computer I would, if you open your browser, go to your n8n host (if you are using desktop you can do and press F12 then go the network tab and click something in n8n you will see a bunch of requests, look for the /rest/ entries and you should see the post request and the response back.

If I jump on my machine later I will take a few screenshots for you.

@Jon just a gentle reminder for when you’re back behind your machine :grin:

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I have a reminder set for tomorrow morning when I am back working again on the odd chance I don’t jump on today

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Hey @dickhoning,

So if you press F12 on your browser you will get this.

Fancy hiring banner


If you look for Network at the top you will see this.

Network no data

So now anything you do in n8n you will see the browser requests so if I open a workflow I get this…

Network with data

Each of these is a reques that I can click on to see what was sent and what was returned so if I wanted say the active worflows I can click on active and look at the response which gives me the IDs of the active workflows.


And under the Headers I can see the General info (URL, Method) and under request headers I can se it needs authorization and it is using Basic auth.


This same process can be used for anything you do in a browser really so if you wanted to work out how to use the HTTP Request node to interact with a service this is normally how I would start if they don’t have an API. Hopefully this helps if not drop me a DM.

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Hi @Jon thanks very much for your time in trying to help me out. One more question: does this only work with workflows that get started via Webhooks?

I just tried this, and nothing happens …

Hey @dickhoning,

That looks like you might have img selected


Try clicking All and see if that changes it, You could also go for Fetch/XHR.

Hi @Jon thanks again! I’ve got it now :slight_smile: … but uh … where do I now find the options, such as ‘active’, ?filter=, limit=, etc.

Hey @dickhoning,

That would be a case of clicking around to see what is sent, For that request it looks like there is no filters but when you click exection you normally get a few network calls and one of them will have a Payload option which shows what you can send.


Although you would have to set each option to see what it sends.