N8n "server setup" installation doesn't produce a SSL cert

As you can see in the image above, when deploying to a Digital Ocean VPS by following the server setup guide in the docs using docker compose, the SSL cert doesn’t seem to be generated properly by Let’sEncrypt.

Any idea what went wrong?

Hello @David_Li welcome to the community!

Sorry, not the slightest idea. It is also impossible to say. But as Digital Ocean works exactly the same as any way to other provider I would really check your setup again. Especially check the environment variables you changed. You should also check the logs of the traefik container. That one takes care of creating the SSL certificate with Lets Encrypt. Something must go wrong there and if it does, you will find what exactly in the logs.

Just a quick question about the Typeform node/trigger - I’m assuming it won’t work if my SSL cert isn’t there? It hasn’t been working with the correct credentials so hopefully that’s the reason why.

Yes exactly. You can check their documentation about it here:

Got it working now - weird, had to redo the docker-compose with the exact same specs.
Is there any more thorough documentation for clickup custom fields? A little confused by what Custom Field JSON entails

Great to hear that it works!

Please keep the discussions on topic. If you have any questions about the ClickUp custom fields, please create an new topic for it. One of the reasons for this forum is that people can find solutions to problems other people already had before easily. This works however only if we keep the discussions on topic. Thanks a lot!