N8N Setup with Docker


I have installed n8n on my server and I was trying to use a webhooks node with my website contact form. At first, I was unable to pass the data through webhook then I have gone through the documentation and found something called Start n8n with Tunnel. Later, I used the command to start the n8n with tunnel and tried to pass the Details of the form to slack and it was successful. And I am able to trigger the webhook from my contact form and the complete workflow is working as I desire. I am just concern about the warning given for using the tunnel command. It is said to use tunnel only for the testing purpose, not for the production. I have tried to figure out how to get my workflow executed without using the tunnel and I was going through some of the tutorial videos in youtube and I find in a video that the URL is " https://jan.users.n8n.cloud " and the tutorial is explained on this domain which is having SSL installed. I want to set up my subdomain with n8n same as it is set up in " https://jan.users.n8n.cloud ". And moreover, I don’t have any idea what is docker and how to setup.

Tunnel URL is Secure with SSL I want my subdomain to have this tunnel kind of setup.

Try to finish some kind of tutorial in the next hours.

It is probably not the best tutorial ever but it should hopefully help anyway. It can be found now in the docs here:

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Thanks @jan for making the documentation so soon.

Actually should have already been available at the time of the launch. So would not call it soon. But better late than never :wink:

Hello @jan I have done the setup and I have a small doubt where should I place the docker-compose.yml file and .env file. I have placed them in /root directory for now and when I run the command to start docker which is " sudo docker-compose up -d " I get this warnings and I am unable to access n8n in https://n8n.mydomainname.com

I have got it @jan I did a small mistake. But thanks for the documentation it was great help for me. Thanks again pal.

Really great to hear that it was helpful! Have fun with n8n!

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