N8n split specific json from http-request

I am always trying to learn more about JavaScript to make the most of the possibilities in n8n. Unfortunately, I keep coming up against my inability.
I want to split the array contained in an http request response from a certain JSON.
I know how to do this in the code used by Ninox, but I am struggling with my ignorance of n8n syntax.
I want to split the contents of the array of ‘phone’ to retrieve the text values of the numbers via a GET http request.

Here are the screenshots:

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Hey @UweG, any chance you can share the output of your HTTP Request node? Anything confidential can of course be redacted, I am just interested in the data structure. Looks like it requires authorization to run, so I couldn’t test it first hand.

Hi @UweG, wouldn’t it be simpler to use the item list node for this instead?