N8n startup error

I’m locally running n8n. It was working normally for a long time, but after the last update an error message is displayed. How to proceed?

n8n start
Initializing n8n process
» Error: There was an error: The “streams” argument must be specified

Hi @Guilherme_Hirsch, I am sorry to hear you are having trouble. How exactly are you launching n8n? E.g. which steps are required to reproduce your problem?

Hey, @MutedJam ! When I start n8n, the following message is now displayed:

Hey @Guilherme_Hirsch,

That looks like the issue could be with your database, Can you rename the sqlite file and see if that helps. This is normally under ~/.n8n/.

It may be worth making sure you are using node 16 as well.

I changed the file name and it worked. Thank you very much!


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