N8n Team - Well Done SaaS Development!

Dear n8n Team,

I recently joined your platform, transitioning from and simultaneously utilizing Zapier, Make, IFTTT, and other complementary tools.
Coming from VC investment & Startup Development expertise, I am thoroughly impressed by how swiftly and thoughtfully you have positioned and grown your platform!

In this highly competitive AI, Automation & SaaS market, you stand out as one of the few entities that I am convinced are built to endure. What surprises me is generally the majority of the US/EU market still need ~ 2 years to reach this level certainty.
Exploring your platform, I am continually amazed by the consistent clarity present throughout.

I was unaware that you are based in Berlin. Currently in search of a new team, I intend to apply to join your team this week for sure. Regardless of my action, should you require any detailed client-side feedback, please do not hesitate to contact me via email!

Keep Growing!



Thanks @Bozorg, and welcome to the n8n community! I’ll be sure to share your compliment with the entire team :slight_smile:

For open positions, please see n8n - Current Openings.