n8N Tunnel

Hey guys, I am trying to run n8N in a tunnel, but I have not succeeded until now. Can someone please help me?
I want to call a webhook to trigger a pipeline from a button in google sheet.

Can you please provide additional information about what is not working, like for example what error message you receive or what is not working. Because normally it is very straight forward.

Also important to mention that it is only for debugging and testing, it is not meant for production use!

I haven’t got any errors. But When I think Im using the tunnel Url in a wrong way.
The only thing I’m trying to do is trigger a the webhook node.
When it starts to listen to calls, I send a post request (either with postman, or from google sheet) but the trigger node will not work.

Is the Webhook node configured for “POST” (rather than “GET”)? What response does Postman get? What happens if you call it locally via curl?

Yes the webhook node is configured to post.
Postman gives a timeout response.
My goal is to call the trigger node from a button in google sheets.

How does the URL you use look like? Does it include localhost or does it include n8n.cloud?

it includes .hooks.n8n.cloud/…

Do you run n8n locally? If so what operating system? Do you have a firewall or similar that could potentially block it?

Yeah I am running n8n locally using npm. And working on Windows 11.
Should I try and disable my firewall ?

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