N8n Webhook from SAP AppGyver Composer PRO

Hello you n8ners,
does one of you know about SAP AppGyver Composer PRO?
I have the following problem.
Initial situation: I am trying to build an API endpoint for an MSSQL DB in Azure.

It works perfectly (see picture). I can easily access the webhook with a browser or with Postman.

The problem I also try to make this call from AppGyver and it leads to the error.

Error: TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.status: -1

Resource settings for Get collection (GET)
Resource URL: https://demo.app.n8n.cloud/webhook/some-uuid/
Relative path: 

It is clear to me that the problem is not with n8n, but maybe someone knows the error message or had something comparable with an n8n webhook.

Thank you very much

Hi @Flowfinder, I am not using SAP AppGyver but I hope you don’t mind me wildly guessing here :wink:

Is there a chance this service uses the browser for it’s test requests rather than talking to n8n from its server? If so, this request might be subject to CORS: Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) - HTTP | MDN. You should see a more descriptive error message in your browser console if that’s the case.

n8n doesn’t handle the OPTIONS requests required for CORS unfortunately, you might want to leave a vote on the respective feature request though: Add ability to set CORS allow-list in n8n webhooks