N8n with tunnel in production

Hi, I’ve started using n8n recently and I am really impressed with the things that can be built with it.
I have built few workflows and I am in the process of deploying them locally.

In the Installation tutorial and in the forums I repeatedly see that:
“n8n with tunnel is only for local development and testing and not for prodution”

I wanted to know why it is the case?

Sujith Padaru.

Hi @sujithpadar, welcome to the community!

One of the reasons would be that the tunnel sometimes can’t recover after a disconnect. An example would be the problem referenced in this post:

This can become especially painful when running n8n using a Wifi connection, but even with an ethernet network, network connections might get interrupted temporarily.

Also, keep in mind that this tunnel is a free service offered by n8n without any uptime guarantees. It might take a while to fix issues should they occur. Such problems would not typically occur when hosting n8n with a static IP with a public domain.

Hope this provides some clarification :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for clarifieng!