Need help connecting to Fluent CRM via HTTP

I don’t have much comprehension of connecting to API with HTTP.

Fluent CRM has an API - docs here

I have created the API user and key inside of Fluent CRM but I am not sure how to configure the HTTP node and create and save the credentials in n8n

I think this is pretty straight fwd for some who understands HTTP and authorisation methods.

Figured it out.
Create the API credentials in Fluent / Wordpress
In n8n create credentials with basic auth
In the hTTP node use basic auth and choose the correct credential.
Fluent docs say its needs header auth but hitting url https://yoursite.comapp/wp-json/fluent-crm/v2/subscribers works with basic auth - it returns json data with contacts data

I needed to stop wordfence from blocking application passwords in wordpress.