Need help filtering from CSV and HTTPRequest

Hi guys. I’m currently trying to make a connection between Dolibarr and FTP.
I’m currently uploading a CSV to a FTP server i’ve set up, which i use with N8N in order to get the information.
I’ll explain myself easier with an example. Imagine we have CSV file with Products like this:

After i’ve got that info, i need to get which of those products are already created on Dolibarr and, if it is created, delete that row from the CSV data.

Any idea on how to do that?

This is currently my workflow. My plan is, in the JS Function, check if the reference of the CSV is on the fetched data, and, if it is not, remove it.
Any help?

Hi @PedroJimenez, welcome to the community :tada:

To compare two different data sources you can use the Merge node in “Combine” mode. Here’s a quick example, only letting through the items that exist in the upper branch but not in the lower branch yet. So in your scenario I believe that’d be the items you want to have in your CSV, but if I misunderstood you can of course also reverse the behaviour :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

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